The reason why Man UTD might win the premier league next season


Manchester united is an English premiere league club based in Manchester. Man u is the most celebrated club in the world with more than 10 billion fans worldwide.

Man u have won the EPL titles 20 times making the club to be one of the richest clubs in the world. Liverpool is the second runners with 18 titles. Manchester united have also been producing good talented players to the world.

Since the departure of Sir Alex Fargasion as the head coach, the the club have been struggling to produce good results to her followers. We have seen many coaches come in and out of the club before their contracts expires. This have really caused the clubs performance a lot.

The arrival of Ole Gunner Sorjior to the club as head coach, have really changed the clubs performance. Ole Gunner took the club as a care taker back in 2017/2018 from José Morinho .He have been producing good results since his a rival to the club. Signing of talented players like Bruno, Aaron Bissaka,Maguire, Edison, James and many more have really improved the clubs performance.

In 2018/2019 ,Man u finished 5th in the premiere league and in 2019/2020 Man u finished 3rd,whereas,in 2020/2021 Man u have finished second runners in the premiere league table .This shows that man u is capable of winning the premiere league next season. The club needs a few addition of talented players to the club to make the squad strong for the next competition.