Meet The Players That Are Currently Having The Most Number of Goals in The Top Five Leagues.


In this article am going to let you know the current top scorers in the top five leagues.Furthermore the leagues have not yet come to an end but these players are still holding first position in their respective leagues.The photos am going to use are just for illustrative purposes.

Premier league

In English Premier league there is Harry Kane.Kane is a Tottenham player who has won golden boot twice and also he has ever been a player of the month for six good months.He has played 30 games and he is currently having 21 goals.

La liga

In this league the current top scorer is Lionel Messi who is currently playing for Barcelona.Messi is a right winger who has made 29 appearances,plus 2 as sub and is currently having 25 goals


German Bundesliga season 2020/2021 the current goal machine is Robert Lewandowski who is currently playing for Buyern Munich.The player has appeared 25 times and he already have 35 goals.

Serie A

Italian Serie A season 2020/2021 Christian Ronaldo is the one who is number one on the list of goal scorers.He has appeared in 28 games ,plus two subs and he has a total of 25 goals.

Ligue 1

French Ligue 1's top scorer is Julian Mbappe from Paris Saint Germain.He has appeared in 28 matches and he has scored 25 goals

Since the season has not ended,the number of goals scored by these players will change with time.