Kenyans React To Raila Odinga's Tweet After Posting This Photos.

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Raila Odinga who is the leader of ODM political party and Azimio LA umoja today posted photos of Azimio LA umoja rally in Narok county on his twitter page and wrote that Ambieni wale majamaa mambo bado, wengine wanawaambia wakate miti, mimi ninajali uhifadhi wa mazingira! Twende Kazi na Azimio. #Inawezekana.

Mercy tweeted, "Baba Madam Martha our 5th DP who is the also the New Sherriff flattenned the Mountain and sent all the criminals scampering into their hiding dens and caves while you were away.This lady has fumigated the whole of central. No one can keep up with Martha 💪RARUA UDAku!"

Nick tweeted, “We have come in peace and to ask for your votes with all humility. I would like to remind you that we shall not pickpocket your votes, we are here to persuade you to vote for us," Martha Karua."

Mathenge tweeted, "This will go down as your biggest defeat ever . This time you are not getting nusu mkate nor will there be any handshake . You brother Ouru has no winning magic Mr Odinga . The defeat is cast . #RejectRailaOdinga."

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