You gave us two options:E-levy or IMF, scrap E-levy now or face massive demonstration: Afrifa tells

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Reality is the rule of the game called governance and anybody who is determined to rule must be competent enough to foresee any eventuality. Many promises made to the masses to win political power will have to be fulfilled otherwise excruciatingly hardships awaits them.

Even as the survey shows that the majority of Ghanaians rejected this awful E-levy, the government gave assurances that it's either they implement it or go to IMF. Bigwigs in this current administration gave lectures on several electronic media to enlighten the masses about the need to pay taxes to help in nation-building.

Months after the E- levy was passed and approved in parliament, this same government has reneged on its promise not to seek funds from IMF. They have decided to go for funds.

In any civilized society where integrity, self-respect, and self-worth are meaningful beliefs, the leaders would've resigned and apologized to save themselves from further embarrassment over the government's decision to seek financial help from IMF. 

Okatakyie Afrifa Mensah, a broadcaster posited on TV XYZ this morning that the government has got to scrap the E-levy instantly and return the monies that they have collected from us since its inception.

Otherwise, he shall mobilize the citizens and pour onto the streets of the 16 regions of our country the same day to demand they scrap e-levy. We need someone to lead this demonstration because we were told e-levy was the antidote to IMF.

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