JUST IN: Young Man Laments After Using The Loan He Took To Stake Bet

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Many young guys in the country have resorted to betting nowadays. They save much money throughout the week and place it all behind the teams they feel are very strong and likely to win matches. Mostly, the weekends sees them either lamenting or shouting for joy.

This job is just not easy like many people sees it. The slips you make only makes sense when kickoff hasn't started yet. The footballers comes to the field only to cause a twist in the plot thereby changing whatever was expected. I do hear many people say that even if you stake that the players would wear a jersey, one of them would come to the pitch with a smock. The funny thing about this statement is that, there is no lie over there.

This isn't easy and has seen many guys around the country suffering. It isn't easy but like Stockholm's syndrome, the more it hurts boys, the more they love it.

Today is Saturday and as usual, we got to see many football teams compete on the pitch. Boys had to come together to work out slips by applying probability as well as series and sequence but these players have let them down. You get to see "greens" throughout the slip with one "red" popping up to spoil everything.

A circulating video this night is the reason behind the writing of this little piece. I will leave the link to this trending video at the end of the article.

Looking at the video, you get to understand that the guy was not into betting until recently when his friends introduced him into the business. Well, I guess they did him more harm than good. Introducing someone into this difficult business means you have placed a huge burden on the person.

This guy was seen lamenting as he embraced the floor like it was his bed. He had spent all his money on betting and these teams decided to let him down. He was okay till Liverpool decided to draw against the newly promoted Brentford.

You could see him cry as he made mention of the fact that he had to go for a loan to stake the bet. Unfortunately, he lost and the loan is going to haunt him in the near future. Do you think betting should be encouraged taking a look at how it is killing the spirits of these boys?

Here is the link to the full video.

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