Farmers Salaries In South Africa In 2022.

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In South Africa, the average monthly wage for a farmer is roughly 9,950 ZAR. The lowest salary is 4,870 ZAR, and the highest is 15,500 ZAR (highest).

With housing, transportation, and other benefits included, this is the typical monthly wage. Based on experience, abilities, gender, or region, farmer salaries might vary greatly. A thorough analysis based on numerous factors is provided below.

Farmer Salary Distribution in South Africa

The median, the maximum, the minimum, and the range

Salary Range

In South Africa, the minimum wage for farmers is 4,870 ZAR per month, and the maximum income is 15,500 ZAR per month (maximum salary).

Median Salary

The median monthly wage for Farmer(s) is 10,100 ZAR, which implies that 50% of those employed in this occupation make less than this amount while the other 50% make more. The middle wage value is represented by the median. In general, you would want to be in the group earning more than the median pay on the right side of the graph.


The 25th and the 75th percentiles are two numbers that are closely related to the median. According to the pay distribution map, 25% of farmers make less than 6,760 ZAR while 75% of them make more than that amount. The diagram also shows that 25% of Farmer(s) make more than 13,100 ZAR, while 75% earn less than 13,100 ZAR.

Farmer Salary Comparison by Years of Experience

The remuneration is primarily influenced by the level of experience. Naturally, your salary will increase as you get more experience. These are the results of our analysis on Farmer pay by level of experience.

Approximately 5,780 ZAR is the monthly salary of a Farmer with less than two years of experience.

A person with two to five years of experience can expect to make 7,430 ZAR a month, which is 29% more than someone with less than two years of experience.

Moving forward, someone with five to ten years of experience earns 10,200 ZAR per month, which is 38% more than someone with only two to five years of experience.

A Farmer with ten to fifteen years of experience also makes 12,700 ZAR per month, which is 24% more than a Farmer with five to ten years of expertise.

For those with fifteen to twenty years of experience, the expected salary is 13,600 ZAR per month, which is 7% greater than the pay for those with ten to fifteen years of experience.

An employee with more than twenty years of industry experience earns 14,500 ZAR per month, which is 7% higher than an employee with fifteen to twenty years of industry experience.

Farmer average salary change by experience in South Africa

Farmer average salary difference by education level in South Africa

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