Famous Robot Sophia was created To Imitate Humans Hanson Reveals AI Behind Sophia


Have ever imagined that a robot can speak and act like human? It's now the reality in Hanson robotics lab in Hong kong Thailand. They have created a robot that can act like human. Her name is Sophia. She is also one of the famous robot celebrities of the world. speaking to abc news, the creator Hanson reveals artificial intelligence behind Sophia.

He said " i created Sophia to humanice human beings using artificial intelligence". He added , Sophia is not actually alive but sensors and actuators on her face is made to show facial expressions.Sophia and other robots created is know in use in hospital .

The robot itself is capable of recording patients temperature and sending the results to nurses. It's aim is to give patients a humble time before they are being assisted. Hanson reveals that loneliness kills people and when robots is used it will reduce number of deaths.

A robot that can conduct an interview and select appropriate answers to give is something incredible. It gives the world an idea of artificial intelligence and how they should be careful with it and how it will impact our lives in the future either negatively or positively.

If you would like to see Sophia and how she responds to humans go to youtube and search abc news ,and select world creator of Sophia reveals how they use artificial intelligence to create Sophia. Send us your feedback and your feelings concerning robots that imitates humans.

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