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. Fixture 1.Catanzaro fc vs Palemo fc

24 th Jan at 20:00 UTC meet Caranzaro vs Palemo in italy in a game that all expect to be very interesting. Both teams try to perform well in serie C. Host have under 3.5 goal in their 17 games. Palemo 3.5 goal in 10 games Host score 1 goal in a match against palemo fc and visitors score 0.67goal against caranzaro. Host lead 1-0 at home games,they win in 81% of their matches. Palemo fc down 1-0 away they win 20% last meeting ended in 0-0.Catanzaro have drawn 8 of their 17 away. Palemohave drawn 7 of their 18 homeo. Two sides have impressive at the back solid on their own soil palemo have conceded only 2 goals in the 5 matches. While catanzaro conceded only 1 goal in 3 matches. 2 sides can cancel each other out in a war of attrition.

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