Si Huchanga By Mavo On The Beat Back On YouTube After Copyright Claims By An Upcoming Artist.

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Black Market Records Africa together with producer and artist Mavo on the beat are excited to announce that Si huchanga is back on YouTube and all music platforms. You can now stream live this banger without worrying about copyright claims by anyone.

Exactly two weeks from now, Mavo on the beat shared a five minutes video on YouTube and captioned it, "Many have been asking why I am silent about my jam Si huchanga being pulled down from YouTube. I am here to address the matter. Some upcoming artist by the name Macho Makali decided to pull down the song last week claiming it was his idea. The accuser claims that a sample was made from the word 'changa' which is likely the title of his song. It is impossible to copyright a word. My team and I have taken the matter seriously and decided to deal with it lawfully."

The song was produced by Mavo on the beat who also participated in the rapping featuring Mzazi Willy M Tuva, Reckless and Trio Mio. Within the first week after the release of the song, it gained over one hundred views and grew tremendously before the unfortunate incident occured.

Mavo on the beat is a dedicated producer and works hard for his money and for someone to try come in with false accusations is unprofessional said his manager.

This track was produced under Black Market Record Label.

The song is available on YouTube right now just click the link below to access it.

Follow all socials at Mavo on the beat and remember to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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