Julius Malema finally revealed why he Voted DA instead of ANC.

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The EFF's dramatic but unwelcome support for the DA in various municipalities around the country was motivated by the goal of weakening the ANC by keeping it out of power and leveling the playing field for the EFF. According to EFF leader Julius Malema, the latest move to assist in the ANC's expulsion from all Gauteng metros and other key municipalities was designed to help the red berets penetrate ANC strongholds due to their common constituency. 

Julius Malema is the President of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). 

Despite the official opposition's refusal, Malema stated the EFF was eager to support the DA on Thursday. "We have a direct competitor in the African National Congress (ANC)." You level the playing field by eliminating the ANC in metropolitan areas. "On the streets of Soweto, the ANC and the EFF will meet as equals," Malema stated. Malema claimed that assisting in the death of the ANC would limit the party's access to resources, hence improving his party's chances of development. 

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"The sooner I shut down the safe everywhere," he noted, "the better for the EFF's development." He stated that the EFF's goal was to obtain provincial and national support for the 2024 general elections. According to him, the party will support or reject DA programs based on how they now boost service delivery. 

Malema did hint, however, that the EFF had not ruled out helping to depose the DA administration if they failed to deliver. "Act in the public interest if you want to stay there for five years." Continue to serve the citizens of the United States. You won't see five years, but ten, but if you want Helen Zille to micromanage Tshwane, Joburg, and Ekurhuleni, you're screwed," he continued. 

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Earlier in the day, Malema claimed that the red berets, who have helped destabilize the ruling party in major metros and other high-profile towns across the country, had ordered Selloane Motjeane to resign on Thursday. "We visited with the mayor and councillors of Metsimaholo today and urged that the mayor resign immediately because she was elected mayor by the ANC." The African National Congress (ANC) is not a party we support. At a press conference, Malema stated, "We should not accept it wherever the ANC votes for us." 

In the financially challenged municipality, the EFF and the DA each have 12 seats, while the ANC has 16. Accepting the offer to run the municipality at the ANC's mercy, Malema claimed, would doom the party. 

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"Our numbers prevent us from working as we would like there, and without that deal with the ANC, we are doomed to fail." 

"Why should we allow ourselves to fail before we even begin?" You can see how it would fail because it is based solely on local dynamics and arrangements that are unrelated to the national leadership," Malema explained. He wondered aloud, "Why must I vote for those who would defeat me in 2024 by supporting them with resources?" 

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He retaliated against ANC members who accused him of betraying the party by helping the DA capture control of key municipalities. Malema expressed his regret for being expelled from the ANC, saying that he and his party owed the party no support because it had lost political power. "How did they know they were going to expel me?" They planned to expel me while still collecting information from me. He stated, "They have to abandon me." 

Malema emphasized that the DA's support was based on voting against the ANC rather than having a working relationship with the party, and that he would not engage in any discussions with the country's official opposition about municipal budget goals. 

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