Meet Kinuthia, A Kenyan Man Who Dresses Like A Woman (Photos)


Nowadays crossdressing is the new sense of fashion. Some people can approve crossdressing while others still view it as madness and not fashion but all in all one's dressing is one's choice. We have seen Kenyan celebrities like Makena who dresses like men but have you met Kinuthia a man who dresses like a woman?

Kelvin Kinuthia is a Kenyan Content creator in YouTube and Tiktok and an influencer. Kelvin Kinuthia has a unique way of delivering his content as he acts like a woman, wears makeup, wigs and even heels.

Kinuthia also markets the female dresses that he rocks on his Instagram that is currently has 13.2k followers. Kinuthia self proclaims himself to be the ' King of Tiktok' in Kenya. He is verified on Tiktok with 142k followers. 

Below are photo of Kinuthia dressed is female dresses and make up.

Comment down below on what you think about crossdressing do you approve or disapprove. Do not forget to follow for more updates.


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