20 Most Successful Clubs in the world


A chart, compiled by Goal, listed 20 most successful clubs in the world According to their trophies.

This table features some surprising team names..

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20th is Club Olympia from Paraguay with 57 trophies

19th is FCSB from Romania with 58 trophies

17th is Liverpool from England and Anderlecht from Belgium with 60 trophies each

16th is Galatasary from Turkey with 61 trophies

15th is Juventus from Italy with 64 trophies

14th is Ajax from Netherlands with 70 trophies

13th is Manchester United from England with 71 trophies

12th is Bayern Munich from Germany with 72 trophies

11th is Al Faisaly from Jordan with 74 trophies

10th is Porto from Portugal with 76 trophies

9th is Olympiacos from Greece with 76 trophies each

8th is Benfica from Portugal with 82 trophies

7th is FC Barcelona from Spain with 91 trophies

6th is Real Madrid from Spain with 91 trophies

5th is Celtic from Scotland with 106 trophies

4th is Atlético Penarol from Uruguay with 108 trophies

3rd is Club Nacional de Football from Uruguay with 114 trophies

2nd is Rangers from Scotland with 115 trophies

1st is Al Ahly from Egypt with 118 trophies

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