Check out photos of Dbanj's Rolls Royce which is Customised, and a photo of his parlour

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Dbanj is a Nigerian musician who has been known in the music industry for over 15 years. He was formerly part of the Mo hit music group, with the likes of Don jazzy and Wande coal. They are now doing their music individually. Dbanj is still one of the richest Nigerian musicians. He doesn't just get his money from music alone, as he is a brand ambassador for some top brands. He is also a businessman and an investor.

Dbanj's parlour has a unique settings which i have never seen before. The floor is actually a transparent but very strong glass. The stones you are seeing are actually under the glass. The television is really big, which makes me to wonder how many inches it is. I love the design of his house i must say.

Dbanj has more than one car, but I'm more concerned about his Rolls Royce. The interesting fact about this car is that it is a customised special commission, and it is written at the bottom part of the door. The car is said to cost around one hundred million naira.

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