"Go And Experience Unemployment Small"- Ghanaians To Pius Hadzide


Former deputy minister for information, Pius Hadzide has stated that he is willing to serve in any role giving to him in NPP government if called to serve again as he is unemployed after election and Ghanaians have told him that he should go and experience unemployment for sometime.

Majority of Ghanaians has told the former deputy minister for information that he is supposed not to stay in the house because he has told them that the NPP government has created massive job in the last four years so why should he stay in the house?

Other people told him that he should use this opportunity to learned about how unemployed youth in the country are suffering and listen to their cry if giving another opportunity to serve the country.

"A former Deputy Minister for Information, Pius Hadzide, says he is willing and available to serve in any role if he is called upon again by President Akufo-Addo in his new government" Citi News room disclosed to Ghanaians today.

Some people reacted that: Just five months without salary, you are begging for a new job? Brothers are unemployed after University since Adam.

"Go and experience unemployment small. Next time when you come and you hear the youth complaining about how bad it is to be unemployed, you will understand them and speak for them too. Goodluck" Someone advised him.

Some people stated that: You claimed you people created millions of jobs and empowered the youth and helped them set up businesses. You also claimed you created 1D1F across Ghana. WHY ARE YOU HOME? Apply for some.

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