"Mhuni In My Single Room" Hilarious Reactions After A Single Man Asked Kenyans To Rate His House


Kenyans experienced an online frenzy after a young man by the name of Frank M Jamigori posted a picture of his house requesting Kenyans to read his kitchen.

The post was made on a Facebook page called let's Cook Kenyan meals. He received hilarious comments from Kenyans especially ladies.

Although his kitchen appears properly arranged, many ladies claim that his kitchen is far from being a nice one. According to them, the kitchen only appears good in the eyes of a fellow man.

"How can a man have things with pink colors in his house?" One active Facebook user asked to confirm that some colors and especially the pink color are still considered feminine.

Men have always had problems when it comes to cleanliness and arrangement of the house. This noble duty is normally left for women who have now become Masters in their own game.

Here are comments from other Kenyans.

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