Irunga Kang'ata Reveals The Huge Amount Of Privileges He Was Enjoying As The Chief Whip


Hon. Irunga Kang'ata has hinted this evening while speaking on k24 that he was enjoying very many privileges totaling 500k when I was in government as Chief whip but he made a conscious decision to move camp to support Deputy President William Ruto in his Hustler movement.

Hon. Irunga Kang'ata further added that "I can tell you that a vast majority of MPs support William Ruto. A region has about 60 MPs and you will find that quite a substantial amount support the DP the ones that remain are there for a number of reasons like fear. 

In my opinion Irunga Kang'ata was impeached not that he left his position, one thing that miss him up was his letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta that which didn't go well with the Jubilee party that led to his impeachment before he officially joined the Hustler movement.

Do you really think that Hon. Irunga Kang'ata is being honest that he abandoned the huge amount of privileges he was enjoying as the chief whip to join Deputy President William Ruto's Hustler movement?

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