Social Media users react to unpaid contact tracers


A Plus known as Kwame Asare Obeng in private world is a rapper turned social commentator who comments on various political and social issues circulating in and outside the country. 

He is seen as one of the neutral campaigners in Ghana. In 2015 he kept bashing the then NDC government over many issues which he thought was not in line with Ghanaians. He was seen as one of the vocal advocate for change in the 2016 elections which made the incumbent President Nana Addo the Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces. 

This morning, A Plus released a chat message which portrays a front liner who is a nurse working for the covid-19 contact tracers office. The nurse stated that per the word of the President, they are to receive 150cedis a day but haven't been paid since they started working and upon asking authorities for their money, it was established they will receive 30cedis a day instead of the 150cedis the President promised them. 

When they complained about it, they have been called to go home and wait for further information from their superiors. 

Social media users who read the note did not take it lightly as their anger was directed to the President straight.

According to the nurse they haven't been paid for their work as promised by the President Nana Addo since March. 

There have been speculations since in May that the contact tracers haven't been paid and minority of those who have been paid were given just merge payment of their money. Foot soldiers of the politicians were always knee on coming against people who raised the concerns and attacked them directly instead of finding ways to settle the issue. 

The nurse who brought out this information to A Plus is a worker at Tema Metro and they do contact tracing within the Tema metropolis of the Greater Accra region. 

Ghana has a covid19 relief fund which was donated by the public to be used to fight covid19 in the country whiles several billions of dollars have been given by the International Monetary Fund IMF for be used to fund the economic catastrophe which will come as a results of the virus outbreak. 

Most of the users who commented on the issue were drawing attention to where all those funds have been sent to and how all these front liners who are at the damage of the virus still suffering.