Mixed reactions from Instagram after pastor had cursed congregation.


  She threw an outstanding party to mark her birthday which her congregants attended. 

A female pastor has hurled curses at her congregation over their failure to contribute money for her birthday celebration.

 In her address to the congregation, she expressed her profound pains as a result of the alleged actions put up by the congregants during her birthday. She labelled them as devils, adding that God will punish them.

According to her the members disturb her with their prayer requests all the time but has failed to honour her on her birthday due to, "their selfish behaviour.

 It may sound a little outrageous though but she massively criticized her followers in such a manner that has caused traffic of comments from some Ghanaians.

To her, the reason why most men of God do not give all of themselves to the church is due to some ungrateful acts like this[her incidence] from the congregation.

 Meanwhile some members of her church did contributed towards the party. She said that even those who did not contributed anything were the ones who eat a lot at the party and even bagged some of the food home.

 "...they ate like pigs and took away takeaways in addition.

Below is an except curbed from her statement;

"...even on my birthday some of you refused to contribute, may God punish you because you are wicked. Unless you don’t have. Some of you come to my office to disturb me with prayers but you don’t want to give money to celebrate pastor’s birthday. I will say it.

If you’re angry, change. Because if it was you and they come to me I’ll give freely because you are a member and so I will look after you but when it comes to your pastors, you are selfish. You are only thinking about yourself.

If you’re sitting here and you cannot pay something towards your pastor’s celebration or your pastor’s whatever, why are you here? You’re a devil. And this is why pastors are bitter.

Some reactions from Ghanaians following the incident;

"It's only in Ghana

"She's MAD

"If that is how God punishes, nobody will remain on Earth

"All these razz pastors that enters the ministry just for money sake

"Where Desmond Elliot dey, come and see your pastor

"Wahala for who no donate for birthday

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