Speaker Muturi Reveals The Leaders He Will Form A Coalition With Ahead Of Next Year's Polls

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National assembly speaker Justin Muturi and also the presidential candidate in the next year's general elections has come out clearly to explain on the kind of leaders he may form a coalition with ahead of 2022 polls.

The speaker has revealed that he is firmly in the presidential race at the moment and that is the reason he is traversing all parts of the country to look for support just like other presidential aspirants.

Muturi is a presidential candidate vying on Democratic Party (DP) ticket has openly stated that, as at now he is not in talks with any top leaders on possible formation of a coalition. He added that, if it means forming a merger with other leaders then, his DP party will decide where to go not him to decide.

Muturi also stated that, he may for a coalition with leaders who have the same and great ideas like the ones he has not basing on parties.

The move by Muturi is a blow to top presidential aspirants who were hoping to add Muturi in their matrix so that he can campaign for them in the central Kenya where he has a huge following.

All this is coming barely 10 months to the general elections where, politicians are ditching political parties to look for those parties they think will give them an assurance of a win in positions they will be vying for.

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