The Effects Of Teenage Pregnancies.


The Pregnant teens often do not have the proper healthy habits in order to go through a successful child rearing process. These mothers thus have heightened health risks, which inhibits healthy child development. Young women can suffer from things such as anaemia as well as blood pressure which is only possible during pregnancy. These mothers often smoke and drink because they are not properly educated on the child rearing process.

Having a child during these essential years truly clashes with the developmental tasks that should be occurring during adolescents. These young mothers are unable to fully develop a sense of self-identity because of their new role as an expecting mother.

Further, peer and social relationships are strained or even terminated and teen years are essentially for developing relationships with others and discovering oneself. Due to all of these factors, teen mothers may end up developing depression after essentially being alienated from their family and friends[1]. These symptoms of depression increase the chances of the teen mother committing suicide.

Pursuing this further, teen mothers are often strained for resources and social support from the father of the child. In some cases, the teen father will remain present throughout the process and in others the father will not. If the father remains present there is often high relationships tension and dissatisfaction because of the lack of financial resources, support and child care which will be needed.

There is an increase in conflict which may lead to breakups, leaving the mother to be a single parent or even violence within the relationship. Due to the lack of financial resources, these young women often do not get prenatal checkups or regular checkups for their developing child.