"This looks similar to Tamia's Dstv dress" - woman reacts to Sthelo Shozi outfit at Durban July

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She looks beautiful

Sthelo Shozi shows up wearing a beautiful dress at Durban July today. She looks gorgeous and very happy. Fans have spotted something about her dress, do you think she copied this dress from someone?

This dress is similar but not the whole detail. People on social media think this dress looks like the one that Tamia Mpisane was wearing at the DMVCA last week. They probably into similar things and it is just that they wore these dresses at the different events. It seems like women who once dated Andile have similar tastes, but the question is... who looks more beautiful on it.

I think they both look perfect, but they should not compete with one nother. I believe that they both have unique style, and they should embrace that about themselves. Sthelo has always got a beautiful style which is beautiful and inspiring.

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