Why Leopards Sometimes Kill Their Babies Immediately After Birth

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As every Rick, James and Morty knows, whenever you are mentioning some of the biggest cats in the animal kingdom, the likes of the Lion, Cheetah and eventually the Leopard, normally comes into the spotlight.

Photo Credit: A Leopard; Pinterest Images

Furthermore, we all know how most men react to the issue of their wives presenting babies that do not belong to them as their offsprings; so in order not to bore you with to much words, below are why Leopards sometimes kill their babies immediately after birth:

According to NaGeo wild documentaries, like all big cats, Leopards are not known to hesitate to kill any unrelated cub that they find, as they (especially the male leopards) never accept to raise or groom or cub that is not of it's blood.

Photo Credit: A Baby Leopard; Vintage Photos

It's also important to note that when a male leopard takes over a new territory, he searches for a female to mate with so as to produce new offsprings; if the female leopard he found is already nursing a litter of baby leopards, the male leopard will have no choice but to round up all of those cubs and immediately kills them; not only that, once he is done killing the cubs, he then proceeds to devouring the flesh of those cubs that he has killed.

Photo Credit: A leopard with an already dead cub within it's jaws; Massai Africa images

Furthermore, as regards why these cats (The leopard) kills "bastard cubs" immediately after birth, they do this to ensure that it's only their own bloodline or generation that survives, and not that of another male leopard.

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