Things u should know About the most Democratic countries in the world.


What is a democracy? A democracy is a form of government where the citizens of the nation have the power to vote. There are several different types of democracies. Representative democracy is a system where citizens choose government representatives among their citizens. Direct democracy is when the citizens form a governing body and vote directly on issues. A constitutional democracy limits the powers of government through the nation's constitution.

True democracy, also known as direct democracy or pure democracy, is a form of democracy in which people decide on policy initiatives directly. True democracies are often synonymous with full democracies.

According to the index, several nations are classified as "flawed democracies." While elections are free and fair and there are basic civil liberties, there are faults in other aspects, such as low levels of participation in politics and civics or an underdeveloped political culture. These nations tend to have the most corruption.


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