Important Ways You Can Make Prayer Work For You

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Only through prayer can God's will be carried out on earth. Therefore, it is crucial that our prayers are powerful and focused. When we pray, we bring everything into harmony with God's will. The power of prayer is comparable to that of a nuclear bomb. How then can we put our faith in prayer?

Keep a regular praying schedule.

It is not sufficient to mumble some words for a few minutes or days and then call it done. Keeping a regular prayer schedule is crucial. Praying without interruption looks like this (1 Thessalonians 5:17). If you pray regularly, good things will happen to you. Also, it ensures progress and success in the area of concern, and produces consistent outcomes.

Raise your level of faith

Having faith and trusting God for outcomes is like having access to a powerful money. Faith can be effective even if you don't pray regularly. With faith as small as a mustard seed, Jesus Christ said we might command the earth to move if we wished. In other words, if we are serious about making progress, faith is crucial. Things do not happen by chance in God's Kingdom. There is no outcome that faith does not play a role in. So, while you're praying, try to get your faith up a little bit.

Repeatedly pray

Sometimes you have to keep banging on heaven's door until you get the answer you're looking for. That's not because God is deaf or anything. Instead, it's because evil powers are actively working to prevent you from experiencing a spiritual breakthrough. For instance, when Daniel prayed and fasted, the answers came to him on the first day he started praying. But a principality in the heavenly sphere resisted the angel who was bringing him the answers. Because of this, he had to wait a while for answers, but he persisted until a stronger angel appeared and helped him make progress (Daniel 10:8-13).

make sure your intentions are pure.

James 4:1-3 emphasizes the significance of keeping one's motives in check at all times. The passage continues by arguing that the reason our prayers go unanswered is because we focus on ourselves rather than on God. When we pray with selfish motives in mind, we miss out on opportunities to get closer to God and help others. Therefore, we should examine our motivations before praying.

Acceptance in God's eyes

Sin prevents God from hearing our requests, as Isaiah 59:1-2 explains. Because God condemns sin and evil, this is the case. To get the answers we seek, we must always come to the prayer altar with contrite hearts and ask God to cleanse us from our sins. Have faith that God will answer your prayers if you make up your mind to live a holy life.

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