Governor Lee Kinyanjui's Presidential Candidate Choice

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Photo; Lee kinyanjui

Lee Maiyani Kinyanjui is the governor of Nakuru county who is seeking to defend his gubernatorial seat in 2022 using his own party that he unveiled recently after making it clear that he won't use the Jupilee party ticket. Kinyanjui has made it clear that he is not in the wheelbarrow but after considering all sides across the country as it is required for presidency, he prefers former prime minister Baba Raila Odinga as the president of his people considering his agenda and policies.

Lee Kinyanjui has also revealed that respect amongest leaders has dwindled and you can get some of them abusing president Uhuru Kenyatta as it has never happened before, he has said that it will be prudent for one to respect others and also in equal measure earn the respect back. Here is the link;


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