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The 2020 BECE placement is about to be released by Ghana Education Service. The 2020 placement will be released today 28th February 2021. And candidates are expected to check their SHS placement online. And Ghana Education Service (GES) has come out with 5 correct ways to check the 2020 Senior High School placement. The Director-General of Ghana Education Service also stated that, candidates can make school changes a couple of times before final enrolment in their preferred choice of school.

Below is how candidates can check their 2020 Senior High School placement.

1. Visit any of the CSSPS website or

2. Purchase an E-voucher with Mobile Money. Candidates have to Purchase the Voucher card at the CSSPS website to save them from fraudsters and scammers.

3. Click on check placement.

4. Enter your Index number and E-voucher Pin. That is you will enter your index number and you add 20 to it. 

5. Click on submit and wait for a new window to display your placement.

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