10 Prerequisite Driving Terminologies Every Driver in Ghana Should Know.


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For you to be a defensive driver, you need to know some basic terminologies which will help to enlighten you. As a Defensive driver you also need to expect the unexpected. Never think for other driver because you might not know their intentions. It seems that a lot of Ghanaian don’t really go to driving schools to learn how to drive since they see it as a waste of time. So I have listed some basic Terms you need to know as a driver.


This is when you drive too closely behind another vehicle. As a defensive driver, you always need to maintain to a 2 seconds gap. When you leave a 2 seconds gap it mean that you can see the back tires of the car in front of you.


Skidding is when the tires loose grip on the surface of the road. When this happens, your steering wheels becomes too light when driving or negotiating a curve. One way to prevent skidding is to drive slowly when the surface of the road is wet and you also need to steer into the direction of the skid.

Start or Crank not Spark a car

Some people think we spark a car but that is not the right word for it. We rather start a car or crank the engine of a car.

Engine Break

Engine break is when you move from a higher gear to a lower gear. You can only do this when driving a manual car. In case your foot brake and emergency brake fails you, try moving your gear lever from 5th gear to 1st gear.


Airbag is also known as Supplementary or secondary restraint system (SRS). You will never see the airbag until an accident occurs. You shouldn’t always rely on your airbag rather you should always wear your seat belt.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

This feature in a car prevent wheels from locking when braking in an emergency. You can only find some in modern cars.

Biting point

This occurs when the plate start to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. By finding the biting point you will be able to move a manual car. For you to find the biting point of a car, you first put the gear lever in first (1st) gear before you can move the car.

Cockpit drill

This is the basic routine you should do immediately you site inside the car. You need to adjust your mirrors, adjust the seat and also wear your seat belt. And when you are about to move the car, remember the Mirror Signal Maneuver (MSM) before taking off.

Road Furniture’s

Road furniture’s comprises of the road signs and other safety object. These road furniture’s may include the traffic light, speed ramp and others things which will ensure safety on the road.


This occurs when you don’t select your gear properly and sometimes not timing when to step on the clutch. Immediately you stall, the car jerks forward and if you are not in your seat belt you will hurt yourself.

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