Ahmednasir Alleges Azimio Principals Who Have No Voters For Raila's Bid

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City Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdulahi has revealed a list of members of the Azimio LA Umoja side who have no votes and will deliver less votes to Raila's presidential bid in the 2022 August polls.

According to a statement by City Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdulahi, he has revealed that Azimio La Umoja side has the largest number of principals compared to any other Coalition.

On this matter, Ahmednasir revealed that despite the fact that they are many principals in the Azimio LA Umoja side, they have no votes. Giving a list of those Generals in the Azimio LA Umoja side who have no votes, the list included Gideon Moi, Mukhisa Kituyi, Martha Karua and Cyrus Jiringo.

"azimio has the largest number of GENERALS after the Chinese People's Liberation Army...but unlike the latter, azimio GENERALS (Gideon, Mukhisa, Martha, Jirongo etc) have no army (voters)", reads a statement from Ahmednasir Abdulahi on Twitter

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