RIP: Tears As Family Kills Son For Being Single For Long, Gives More Details On The Same


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Marriage is an institution that everyone wish to have or be part of it. Some have different reasons why they choose not to marry or get married, something that should be respected. It's not a must for someone to get attacked to other people.

Well, this is not the case in Iran. A family got rid of their own son for allegedly remaining single for a long time. It is claimed that they felt that, by him being single for that period was affecting their reputation hence deciding to kill him. The report has elicited mixed reactions, as some of online users have wondered how is it so important to get married in Iran that one can lose life for not doing it.

Here are some reactions.

"Well they lost they reputation by killing him and now they will end up in jail...sometimes people should just focus on their own lifes first" posted Richard.

" Everyone should get married, this is the way God wants it to be. But men and women of this days, are running Away from such responsibilities, claiming that they're independent and can do anything they feel is good for them. The family might have over stepped on killing him, maybe some light punishment would have been better." Posted David.

" The world is surely coming to an end! Why kill your own son for not getting married? Is marriage a must to warrant death? We need to reconsider priorities before pulling out such moves. Now he reputation that they were protecting is gone. Poor family" posted Debra.