Rayvanny's Girlfriend Paula Kajala Ex-Boyfriend Revealed


Paulah and Rayvanny are a thing with no doubt now, it was just some few weeks ago when everything was put out in the open. This was when Paulah was celebrating her birthday, so Rayvanny took to his social media and posted a number of Pictures of themselves together.

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As usual everyone has a past, and both Paulah and Rayvanny are of no exemption. Rayvanny has a past lover who is his ex-wife Fahyma, who is also his baby mama, whom they have a son together with whom is named Dylan. As for Paulah, her secret is out now now that online detectives have managed to reveal whom her ex boyfriend was. Whom she once shared a picture of him and because the internet never forgets it got revealed to which she captioned that," till death do us part." Something that has captured the attention of many. Rayvanny or her ex? share your thoughts.

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