It is a sin for a broke man to fall in love with me— Nollywood actress.

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The arguement involving money and relationships will never cease. While money makes the world go round, others are on the sides wondering if money is needed to make a relationship work.

For people like Onyi Alex, she already knows what she wants. She is a well known actress who has graced our screens for a while.

On her Instagram stories, she made it crystal clear that it is a sin for a broke man to fall in love with her. Of course, he can admire from a distance but getting into her life is simply unacceptable.

She says that she's a hustler and needs another hustler just like herself. She is of the opinion that a broke man is simply a leech and she does not want such a person in her life.

This kind of opinion draws all sort of attention but really it's just someone who has made a choice in romantic relationships and may stick to it.

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