Could This Be The Reason Kenya Power Has Been Overcharging us ? (Opinion)

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Over the last one year most people have been receiving high electricity bills from the Kenya power and lighting company. This is the monopoly company that supplies electric current in the country.

People have been complaining but their cry fall in deaf ears as they continue receiving huge bills. Last year the president warned the company against disconnecting electricity to people because of bills.

According to the daily nation newspaper the Kenya power and lighting company is broke. Over the last one year it has been recording or operating at a loss of over 7 billion.

The Most worrying thing is that the company has a liability of sh 117 billion. The total current assets owned by the company is estimated to be around 42 billion.

The company requires to be bailed out by the government for it is insolvent.

Could this be the reasons why we have been receiving huge unrealistic bills? This gives a benefit of doubt that Kenya power has been Overcharging us in an attempt to redeem themselves from huge debts they are owed.

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