Meet Ro_Nald - The Underground Artiste who had the best verse on EL's Efa wo ho Ben Challenge

Could this be the best rap freestyle on the Efa wo ho Ben Challenge in Ghana?

A Ghanaian up coming musician from Takoradi has undoubtedly proven to be one of the best lyricist in Ghana.

A Ghanaian musician EL dropped his long awaited track titled "Efa wo ho Ben" in 2020.

According to ghanaians EL has been away from music for a while which got most ghanaians thinking if he's no more into music..

Later in the mid 2020 EL reeased his song "Efa Wo ben" . Ghanaians jumped to the rythm and in no time the song was been played in every corner of the country.

Few months later artistes especially up and coming rappers from every part of the nation used the beat as a way of expressing their rap potential to show case their talents to the world. The term Efa wo ho Ben is a local language which is translated as “How does it concern you”. Literally telling people to mind their businesses instead of focusing on others. This became an over night sensation and many rappers did a version on the instrumental.

This gentleman popularly known as Ro_Nald from Western Region took the whole freestyle to another level proving himself to be the best among every one who ever used the beat. Most of the concepts from other artists was non compared to that of Ron_nald, after he dropped his own version of the track.

Click on the link to listen his version of the track.

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