"Sizwe and I are not friends "Unathi finally breaks her Silence about GBV allegations.

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Last week Wednesday Khaya FM released a statement stating that they took the decision to terminate Unathi Nkanyi's contract with immediate effect following a conduct that could not be resolved. 

Then few days after the release of the statement City press made an article about the issue and mentioned that Unathi got fired because she had a fight with Sizwe Dlomo who is her colleague after Size came late for his show. Sizwe accused Unathi of using GBV to try to destroy his reputation and said What Unathi said to management that he abused her verbally was not true. 

Today the South African idols judge took to social media to finally break her Silence. She said she was silent because by Khaya FM to talk about her side of the story because of the freelance agreement she signed with the station.

Although she felt she should touch the GBV allegations that keeps coming fourth. She said she has never made GBV allegations against Sizwe and he knows and Khaya FM knows and they are not doing anything about it. She went on to clarify that her and Sizwe are not friends and her legal representative team is taking over the matter.  


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