A Nigerian Polytechnic Student Reportedly Commited Suicide After Being Dumped By Her Boyfriend

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A Nigerian polytechnic student had reportedly committed suicide in her apartment after her boyfriend dumped her.

According to the sources, Olivia James had consumed a poisonous substance after writing a suicidal note explaining what pushed her to take her own life.

Unfortunately, her close friends who found her body lying lifelessly in her room rushed to the hospital but she was pronounced to be dead on arrival.

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Reportedly Olivia had just celebrated her birthday when she started noticing strange behavior from her boyfriend.

[The deceased]

Her boyfriend who is on the run refused to pick up calls and reply to her text messages but instead, another woman would answer the calls.

Reportedly she had spent his saving on her lover but unfortunately betrayed her. Since she couldn't handle the pain of being cheated on she resulted to committing suicide.

[The suicidal note]

May she rest in peace.

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