HAPPENING NOW: Baba Addressing Azimio La Umoja Mammoth Crowd In Vihiga County

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ODM party leader honorable Raila Amolo Odinga today championed Azimio La Umoja presidential campaign rally in Vihinga County. Azimio La Umoja rally was full to capacity as locals gave honorable Raila Amolo Odinga heroic reception as portrayed by post online post that honorable Raila Odinga has shared on his Facebook page.

According to live streaming video on Facebook honorable Raila Odinga has promised Vihinga residents of the free medication if they vote for him ahead of 2022 general elections. He has also promised Locals that Azimio government will adjust the economy of this cou and make lives of Kenyans more comfortable.

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Kenyans on social media have shared their different opinions and thoughts concerning that today's Raila Azimio La Umoja presidential campaign rally in Vihinga County whereby some section of netizens have promised to vote for him during 2022 general elections. Here are some of the reactions among Kenyans netizens,

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