"Hizo Pesa Zote" Zari Buys Mercedes-Benz Brabus G Wagon Worth Ksh 27.5 Million

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The beautiful socialite Zari the boss lady is living large, from inheriting her ex husband multi million business, having her own businesses, she is a role model to many ,she is also envied by many.

Despite being a single mum, she has managed to show other single women that it is possible to raise kids in a healthy way and provide for them.

After break up with ex Diamond platinumz Zari has made a name for herself and moved to South Africa where she currently resides with all her kids.

The beauty almost broke the internet with her role in the Young Famous And African Show at Netflix and yet again she is still winning.

Today Zari posted on her Instagram that she has purchased A Mercedes-Benz Brabus G Wagon which is worth 27.5 Million Kenyan Shillings.

Wow Zari must be living large, and making Ugandan's proud, she owns a couple of cars but this Mercedes- Benz is the most expensive that she owns.

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