"Sasa Tupange Uchumi and the Big Four, Agenda" Ruto Reacts After Winning Two By-elections


After a period of heated campaigns for the by-elections in Rurie Ward, Bonchari and Juja constituencies, the electorate finally made the final decision.

It was a very big day for the deputy president William Ruto as his two candidates won both Juja constituency and Rurie Ward by-elections.

In Juja constituency, Ruto's candidate George Koimburi managed a total of 12,357 votes against Jubilee candidate Susan Njeri with 5,698 votes. In Bonchari constituency, UDA candidate Teresa Bitutu came second with 7,290 votes after ODM candidate Engineer Pavel Oimeke with 7,600 and Jubilee candidate Zebedeo Opore came third with 6,500 votes.

In Rurie Ward, United Democratic Alliance (UDA) candidate Francis Muraya carried the day after defeating Jubilee Party candidate.

The deputy president could not hide his happiness and took to his social media platforms to express. In his statement,he thanked God for the two victories and the electorate for believing in the hustler nation.

He also congratulated his team who worked tirelessly to ensure they secured the victories against all odds.

He also congratulated his opponents and advised them to engage on issue based politics as they work together build the economy and push for the president's big four agenda.

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