Afia Schwarzenegger in Jubilation as Poloo faces Court Charges which could probably End Her InJail


There is a saying by our elders that goes by "What you Reap is what you Sole" , which means that each and everyone should be very careful with the kind of things we do Today because it will surely live after us Tommorow.

Rosemond Brown, an actress and a social media influencer known professionally as Akuapem Poloo of which people mostly classified her as an Instagram Celebrity is in Hot Waters today as a result of an Unacceptable Act she put up somewhere last year(2020) of which according to the law is classified as Child Abuse. It's all about a Naked Picture she shared on her Instagram page with her Son all in the name of Birthday Celebration of Sonof Poloo who is the son of Akuapem Poloo. She later delete that picture from her page after a massive backlash she received from Ghanaians including the Queen Mother of Akuapem who asked her to Change her name (Akuapem) for she is disgracing their Community.

We taught everything is over until it turns to be Police Case for Child Abuse. On Wednesday April 14th, 2021, Poloo was convicted by an Accra Circuit Court after she pleaded Guilty to the Charges of publishing Obscene Material. As a woman she is supposed to go for a pregnancy test for the Court to know her State Condition before they proceed to the final Judgement.She will be officially Sentenced on Friday April 16th,2021.

#FreeAkuapemPoloo is the new trend right now as majority of Ghanaians including Celebrities are pleading with the court for Mercy as others are saying Court should rather focused on fighting corruption in the country other than showing Krachi Powers in this Minor Case. The likes of Efya, Sarkodie etc are all pleading on her behalf.

One person who is against #FreeAkuapemPoloo but rather in support of court to sentence Akuapem Poloo to Jail in controversial Afia Schwarzenegger. I think they are not in good terms and this is what she get to say;

"I say Ayeeko. Thank you for fighting for a child right from an abusive mother. I know illiterates n blockheads will not understand this or the cost involve,"

Top Ghanaian Lawyer, Sampson Lardy Anyenini says Akuapem Poloo could be sent to jail for Three(3) years during an interview on "Drive on Joy" on Joy 99.7 FM. "It's a Misdemeanor on the part of Akuapem Poloo so she could go in for a Maximum of Three Years" says Lawyer Anyenini.

My beloved people, are you in support of #FreeAkuapemPoloo or you are in support of Afia Schwarzenegger that she should be Jailed??? Please drop your opinion in the comments section as your opinion matters a lot and please 🙏 don't forget to hit the (Follow+) button ontop of the article at the right hand side for more interesting articles all the time.

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