Gideon Message to DP William Ruto About August Election That Has Left Raila's Supporters Talking

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In Kenya's current political stratum, Gideon Moi needs no introduction; the name bearer is among those working tirelessly around the clock to give the country its fifth president.

The Baringo county senator is anticipated to enter the presidential race to succeed Uhuru Kenyatta, whose ten-year rule is coming to an end.

Moi has no choice but to defeat his OKA co-principals in primaries and, more importantly, outrun William Ruto and Raila Odinga, who are widely regarded as the frontrunners.

The chairman of KANU reaffirmed OKA's commitment to providing alternative government to Kenyans in the next elections. Moi's speech meant the world to Ruto and Raila, but of the aforementioned combo, the self-proclaimed chief hustler will leap high.

Those in the political know have repeatedly demonstrated that the 2022 Statehouse race is a two-horse fight between Raila Odinga (Azimio La Umoja) and William Ruto (UDA). Because OKA principles have no chance, they have been instructed to abandon their dreams and endorse Raila's presidency so that the guy from Sugoi will have a smooth journey to the Statehouse.

Gideon's unmoved posture literally implies that he is not moved to have William Samoei Ruto as Kenya's next head of state, and if OKA lives up to his words by fielding a presidential candidate in the August polls, which will give DP Ruto victory, then so be it.

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