" You Do Not Satisfy Me " A Woman Badly Exposes Her Husband Live On Air

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A woman made a phone call to a popular radio station in an attempt to be reconciled with the husband. According to her the husband has neglected her both financially and in their marital affairs. Her main aim of making this embarrassing call was to try and get her husband to understand her, and how she felt about everything concerning their marriage.

The woman was complaining that when she borrows money from the husband, the husband does not provide for her financial needs, but when it's their daughter who asks for the money, the father is always ready to give her whatever she needs.

When the husband was called, he was enraged. Very angry, he Calmly narrated how he has opened a business for the wife and takes care of all the expenses back at home.

He pays school fees and even allows the wife to send money directly from his phone since he trusts and cares about her.

That was when the wife decided to open up on how the husband doesn't fulfill her marriage desires.

The husband insulted her by telling her to grow up mentally. He was furious that her wife by the name mapenzi had the audacity to compare herself to their daughter.

He was also very angry since when he left home in the morning, Mapenzi did not raise an pending issue but goes on to report him and expose their marital problems live on air.


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