Kabi Wajesus: I’m Not The First Person In My Family To Have A Child With A Relative

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Kabi Wajesus has confessed that he regularly slept with his cousins because incestuous relationships were not taboo for him.

Blogger Edgar Obare in March 2021 exposed Kabi for neglecting a child Abby he sired with his cousin from their incestuous affair.

Kabi however refuted the claim that he sired Abby whom he referred to as his ‘niece’.

In June 2021, Kabi confirmed that he indeed sired a child with his cousin Shiko in 2013 ‘before he got saved’.

Fast forward to July, Kabi came out again to admit to having sexual relationships with his cousins while he was younger.

Kabi said his habit of sleeping with relatives was cultivated by his own family members who used to molest him earlier.

“So unajua yaani nikilala na mtu flani nini inahappen. Imagine a young child. Some of the relatives are at the age of 30,” he narrated.

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