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The Aso Oke dress design is a hand woven made by the Yoruba and typically sewn together to make a local clothing. Festivals, coronations and weddings are not complete without Aso Oke.

This is why fashion ladies go for the best when they choose Aso Oke. Not even the men are exempted from this lovely fabric. When people wear similar colours, they're referred to as Aso Ebi which symbolises solidarity or unity for an event.

Types of Aso Oke dress designs

These are types of Aso Oke which are based on colours:


Etu stands for guinea fowl. It is Indigo and deep blue dyed. That comes with tiny light blue strips often. The cloth design resembles the colour of guinea fowl's plumage.


Sanyan is pale brown and woven from the beige silk. The beige colour is obtained from the cocoons of anaphe moth. It is used worn during funerals and weddings.


Alari is a deep red colour of Aso Oke and is woven from magenta silk.

However, Aso Oke has been modified to come in various designs and colours. You can customize your design and colour according to your like. What do you think of Aso Oke design? Is it that outfit that will make you look amazingly beautiful? Aso Oke is proudly Africa! You will surely love them when you wear and you will look fabulous.

Here are some of the Aso Oke dress designs:

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