Find Out The Only Country Without A Single Church In The World

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Religion is a set of beliefs or values adopted by people who are too scared of what answers they will find if they truly think for themselves on these big questions. Religion is a set of beliefs, usually told to you at a young age so you have an emotional attachment to factually incorrect ideas which work in theory but not in practice. After the separation of state and church and the rise of scientific research and free speech, people were now allowed to have their own different ideas without being burnt at the stake for it. With opinions differing and persecution of minorities as scapegoats becoming illegal, churches had to preach vaguer and vaguer ideas to use the Barnum effect so that no matter what part of the Bible they preached, even if it was contradicted later or earlier in the Bible by another quote, it would appeal to everyone claiming to be Christian, even if some never prayed, even if everyone had different ideas about what God or Allah or the Flying Spaghetti Monster was or looked like, would have it apply to them.

Modern religion is simply people projecting themselves onto a third - party morality as if that instantly justifies every belief they hold dear. What they don't realise is that this is not the only way to think, labelling all other beliefs that contradict that one as "evil", yet they are so ignorant they hold that belief too.

Christianity is the widely practised religion in the world with more than 2 billion followers. It started with a small group of adherents but spread through the world. Many historians regards Christianity as one of the world's most successful spiritual missions in the world.

However, have you ever wondered if it is possible that the popularity of Christianity and it's mass number of members, that there could be a country that has no single church at all? The here the answer comes for you.

In the world of over 190 independent sovereign states, this is the only Asian country that has no single church in it. Saudi Arabia is thus the strange! Country that do not embrace Christianity.

The country being an Islamic nation, have their believes in prophet Muhammad, the same way christians do believe in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. They have mecca as their place of worship, and once in a year, Muslims from all over the world do go there to worship during Hajj.

For clarification purposes, it is not that there are no christians in Saudi Arabia, there are christians in the country. This indicates that christians are welcomed but only for work purposes and not faith. Christians are therefore allowed to worship God at the comfort of their homes.

Christians who once lived in Saudi Arabia during the days of Muhammad are said to have been massacred in one of the nights.

Saudi Arabia do not permit church buildings. It is entirely Islamic with majority of mosques scattered all over the nation. Some Arab christians do refer to it as hell due to its worldwide financing of Islam, and with the location of mecca the world's largest Islamic city.

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