"We Are Haunted" Kakamega Family Wakes Up To Find Coffin At The Doorstep


A family in Ebunyang'anyi town of Bunyala ward, Navakholo sub-district in Kakamega region woke up to a stun subsequent to discovering a casket with three crosses laid at the doorstep of their recently developed house. Kakamega family awakens to discover a final resting place enclosed by white material. 

As per onlookers of the peculiar occurrence that was found before sunrise drove by Janepher Masika, the casket had been enclosed by white dressing along with the three crosses, and flies were drifting on top of it. "Earlier today when I was going to the homestead I found the final resting place outside their home and went to caution the occupants of the home about. I was stunned on the grounds that I have never seen something like this," said Masika. In a brief time frame, the occurrence had drawn the consideration of inquisitive spectators who processed around the spot to observe the episode, and we're left shaking their heads in dismay. 

Obscure individuals had set the coffin just external the entryway of the house having a place with Peter Wekondi, an old and debilitated man. Peruse ALSO Trevor Noah and US Actress Minka Kelly Reportedly Split Due to Work Commitments Upon opening the casket, in any case, the inquisitive occupants found obscure substances, including sand, and left individuals pondering about its thought process. A few occupants have connected the episode to black magic and vindictiveness by not well leaning individuals they said are progress foes. Region 'nyumba kumi' senior Jotham Makokha has spoke to local people to bridle generosity among themselves and stay in harmony. "I'm requesting that our kin halt from obsolete social practices that impart dread on individuals. We not, at this point live before" Said Makokha. The family drove by Jackline Oteng'o is currently living in gigantic shudder and alarm and have now spoke to whoever has the data in regards to the event, including the Government, to help disentangle the conundrum before the family gets spooky with chains of passings.

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