“ No honestly DNA should be compulsory” a twitter user said after this happened to this man

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South Africa is confronted with another situation of men raising kids which are not actually their own . 

Most of the men find out that kids are not their own after they have raised them for a long time and when they have bonded .

Some of the activists are of the view that this gruesome discoveries of men discovering that kids are not their own at a later stage is causing a huge mental health crises to men which lead them to be depressed.

We will look into a story of Michael Mokoena who raised a little girl from a younger age , Mokoena use to share pictures on his Facebook account were he use to be spending time with the baby .

Mokoena revealed yesterday that the baby was not his , “ the DNA tests came through , l am not the biological father “ he said .

A twitter user who shared the story of Mokoena on twitter is of the view that DNA tests must be compulsory.

“When you start talking about DNA test the other gender gets angry and starts a big fight in the house. Nice part though is that you can now do DNA test without involving the mother” a twitter user said .

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