Over 9 500 women were raped between July and September 2021 in South Africa: SAPS crime statistics

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Given the recent release of SAPS crime statistics, activists claim that crimes against women and children are on the rise.

Between July and September 2021, about 9 500 women were raped, while 13 000 cases of assault on women were registered. The figures were released just days before South Africa marks the 30th anniversary of the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children campaign, which takes place from November 25 to December 10.

According to Kerryn Rehse, MOSAIC's advocacy, policy, and research officer, "the rate of domestic violence, sexual violence, and other types of GBV remains persistently high." According to research data, one in every two women will suffer domestic abuse from a current or former intimate partner at some point in their lives.

According to Rehse, the impact of GBV, particularly domestic violence, is far-reaching.

Two Mpumalanga women sentenced for opening false rape cases | News24She claimed that it had a negative impact on the direct victims, the children who were exposed to the violence, and the communities. GBV, according to Rehse, occurs in households and schools, among other places, and a coordinated approach is essential to counteract it.

MOSAIC is a non-governmental organization headquartered in the neighborhood. It provides comprehensive and integrated programs to prevent abuse and violence against women. Jennifer Chetty, the founder and director of Sinika Uthando, a counseling center, claimed that 2 to 3 women per week who were victims of domestic abuse sought help from her organization, but other women opted not to leave abusive situations due to stigma.

"Some women stay in order to protect their reputations." "Failure is not something a woman wishes to be remembered for."

Lubna Nadvi, a board member at the Advice Desk for the Abused, believes it is inappropriate to question why women continue in violent situations.

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According to Adeshni Naicker, head of Childline KZN, South Africa has one of the highest rates of child maltreatment.

She described the abuse as neglect, sexual abuse, exploitation, emotional abuse, and malnutrition. According to Naicker, they receive about 3,000 calls every week, with 99 percent of them relating to some form of abuse or GBV.

According to Javu Baloyi, the spokeswoman for the Commission for Gender Equality (CGE), there must be a strong political resolve to combat GBV. According to him, the CGE receives almost 20 GBV-related cases per week, roughly ten of which are relevant to the commission's mandate. Those that were ineligible were forwarded to the appropriate institutions.

"Resources must be invested in this fight, and we must go from talk to action," Baloyi said. According to Naidoo, they take in roughly seven women per month, some of whom are moms.

"Women frequently seek help when the violence is serious, such as when they are injured or when their children are directly involved or exposed to the abuse. "We need to improve skills so that some of the ladies can earn a living." We need protection orders to be finalized as soon as possible, and the police to be more proactive when asked for assistance. To see a difference, all sectors must collaborate."

The Phoenix Child Welfare Society is behind the Sahara shelter.

The Aryan Benevolent Home in Chatsworth has the ABH VJ Kara Family Centre, according to Kish Chetty, marketing manager. She stated that it was intended to empower women who had been subjected to physical, emotional, or financial abuse. Chetty stated that they received roughly 20 GBV-related calls every week, but not all of them required shelter assistance. She stated that the center also assisted offenders of GBV, thereby breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

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