Former Selina Soap Actor Gives Some Insight to The Acting World and Entertainment Industry


Selina is a drama soap, aired in Maisha Magic East TV every 8.30pm on Monday to Friday. The play is a representation of what goes on in our current societies. It symbolizes the different social classes in our communities.

Lenana Kariba, a former Selina actor, and who was acting the Reagan part, the Makenzi's first born son, volunteered to help those interested in joining the acting world and entertainment industry. He is also an actor in the Aunty Boss soap, among other soaps. In his Facebook page, Lenana made himself available to answer any acting related questions brought to him and also promised to show some light to those who don't know where to start. He not only shared some tips on how a better actor should be prepared, but also provided a link for an app, where we can easily reach him.


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