"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Rules Of Texting For Maximum Success


Making a woman chase you is the dream of every guy. There some guy who were born with natural flair to attract women wholes some also find it very difficult even to approach women. Attraction of a woman comes in several form either through meeting her at the bar, yoga centre or even at the mall. You can also make a woman crave for you through your messages. Sending messages to a woman you are interested in can be a little fun and flirty.

Women wants to be with a guy who brings out the inner joy she deserves. Having her fall for you through texting messaging needs some critical and careful thinking to become successful. Some guys tried and they failed at it but you can make a difference by learning this simple and strategic trick to make her fall for you. Let's sink deeper to know how to text her.

1. Do Not Text To Avoid Phone Conversations

This is one big mistakes most guys do that makes them lose their chance of having that dream girl. Mind you, texting a woman isn't meant to be used as a tool to avoid a phone conversation. There's much power in the phone call than using the texting method. You only use texting when you're very busy or at a meeting that you not allowed to do an open call. Speaking to her physically has more potential to make her fall for you than talking on phone. So as phone call has more potential to make her fall for you than texting.

2. Never Over-text

When guys are so much into a conversation on phone, they forget themselves and over text the girl. They try to elaborate so many things through texting an that doesn't sound seductive. Typing or texting too much might lead you to say something which needs not to be said through texting. Be careful with your texting and always read through to make the neccessary corrections before you press the send button.

3. Bring Value When Texting

This is also valuable when you trying to attract the women of your dreams. Avoid the boring text that most guys are normally hooked to. Read more romantic books and get updated with the latest gist to make you a guru in the game of love. It is time you make your dreams a reality. Go have her.

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