Opinion: The Tiny Hole Above Your Ears? This Is What It Means

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Have you ever seen people with a tiny hole in their ears, see what it means.

A preauricular pit is a small hole or cyst just in front of your ear above your ear canal. This hole marks a sinus tract under the skin that's in the wrong place. These tracts can vary in size. Some people have a short tract while others have a longer one with lots of branches.

Preauricular pits form during development in the uterus. They likely result from imperfect fusion of the auricle, which is the visible part of the ear. The auricle forms during the sixth week of gestation. The pits may be inherited, which means that they can run in families.

What does it mean if you have a tiny hole above your ear?

A preauricular pit also referred to as a preauricular sinus or fistula—is a tiny, abnormal hole in front of the ear. It may appear more like a dimple or a piercing in an odd place. A preauricular pit occurs as a result of fusion problems during the sixth week of gestation, when the ear is developing.

One expert is suggesting that ear pits are signs of our inner fish.

Neil Shubin is a paleontologist and evolutionary biologist whose research is focused on the evolution of new organs. He believes that these holes are remnants of fish gills.

Source/ photo credit: Science

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